You watch anime? Beautiful and has good tastes. Damn. What is your favorite anime?

erm I’m not really that much of an anime enthusiast but I always surprise myself with how much I’ve actually watched. I watch usually by recommendation and my bro used to watch a tonne of it so I passively watched what he had when I was growing up.

But off the top of my head: Guyver(original & remake), Evangelion(series, original movies and the remakes), Gantz, Hellsing(and ultimate). There’s a lot of others but those always stick in my memory the most.

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Watch any Evangelion movie. It's Anime. Don't know if you like that or not.

oh yeah, I’ve seen all of those lol. Waiting with everyone else now for 4.0.

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Give me films to watch that are weird(They don’t have to be ‘horror’ weird). Or just give me films to watch in general. KGO


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hittheroaddan replied to your post: Have watched waaay too many weird film…

Eva Green is the best!!

If I were Matt Smith I’d have hit it too.

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Have watched waaay too many weird films recently.

Anyone seen ‘The Womb’(‘Clone’)?

Deliciously odd and slightly unsettling. also Eva Green is hot

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