Pose Competition #11(Take 2!)


1: Simple and straight forward. Copy, in your own way, the pose presented in the picture(s) in this post and submit it.
2: Can be clothed or naked(unless the pose specifies).
3: Anons may submit but it is a competition so…
4: Females submissions only.
5: Pictures submitted by guys of said significant other will be made anon.
6: Can be a gif or a still picture.
7: 18+ only.
8: You may reblog your own submission once(and I mean once or you won’t be considered).
9: Will not be accepting couple/multiaccount blog submissions.
10: One with the most notes gets a link on my blog for a bit.

Ask for my email if the submission box doesn’t work for you.
If you send me one by email send me an ask saying so.

The Pose:


Should be able to get away with this fully nude too without showing much.

Good luck!


226 - Reblog

Sasha Grey booty just does not know when to quit ;o