sorry that all I do is post selfies

look how great this picture of my ass is that boggz7 took yesterday

Pose Competition #10 (Take 2)


1: Simple and straight forward. Copy, in your own way, the pose presented in the picture(s) in this post and submit it.
2: Can be clothed or naked(unless the pose specifies).
3: Anons may submit but it is a competition so…
4: Females submissions only.
5: Pictures submitted by guys of said significant other will be made anon.
6: Can be a gif or a still picture.
7: 18+ only.
8: You may reblog your own submission once(and I mean once or you won’t be considered).
9: Will not be accepting couple/multiaccount blog submissions.
10: One with the most notes gets a link on my blog for a bit.

Ask for my email if the submission box doesn’t work for you.
If you send me one by email send me an ask saying so.

iPhone or smart phone submitters, please include your url.

The Pose: ‘Face down, ass up, over the shoulder’




Face is optional and at your leisure to include.

Good luck!


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Happy Tuesday :-)

Camellia Brief + Triangle Bra
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