So got Ass 3 and Dishonoured for Christmas :D. Also got the ZoE HD Collections, but feel I won’t enjoy that as much unless Konami fix their shitty attempts to make HD Collections. Glad I didn’t pay for that one :P.

My Christmas was standard epic to be fair. Amazing food, amazing finger food, loads of booze left over from being the host(the best), and good ol’ family unit interaction.

The thrill for Christmas is definitely lost on me though, almost completely now but for food and great company and being ruthlessly generous I believe it’s salvageable :p.

Hope you all had lovely ones lovely follower people!


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26th December 2012 @ 01:59pm

  1. losingtimehere said: Lucky bastard xD enjoy the games m8 ;P
  2. imvanquished said: Have lots of fun on Dishonored, it’s a great game! One of the best out. AC3 wasn’t great for me, it had really misc mechanics to it. Overall I hope you have fun.
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