What games are you waiting for this year?

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15th January 2013 @ 09:17pm

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    Bioshock Infinite Deadpool Grand Theft Auto V South Park: The Stick of Truth
  2. repressedslacker answered: Metal Gear Ground Zeroes.
  3. gurgler answered: dead space 3, god or war: Ascension
  4. kingmickey908 answered: the new fucking God of War
  5. obscenetimes answered: grand theft auto 4 and god of war ascension
  6. chaosreignz answered: bioshock infinite, soul hackers.
  7. alamazan answered: gta 5
  8. splittinganatom answered: Bioshock, deadspace
  9. twonakedbody answered: ???????
  10. musingsandme answered: Watch Dogs!!
  11. suicidebuzz answered: Dead Space 3. GTA, and the new GoW.
  12. se7enkb answered: the Stick of Truth!
  13. tomi4 answered: new CALL OF DUTYYY :DD
  14. phernieizdaname answered: GTA 5!!
  15. katallozi answered: GTA V!!
  16. whoweareinside answered: The Last of Us, Elder Scrolls Online, and Dark Souls II??
  17. rgussman answered: gta v!
  18. standupandlearnfromyourmistakes answered: gta5
  19. thatbloodydragon answered: Hm, not sure to be honest. I might have said Starcraft 2’s first expansion but I don’t like the way blizzard are headed with their games.
  20. enuffisenough answered: Lightning Returns ^_^
  21. eddy-master answered: Grand Theft Auto V
  22. 1l1k31t answered: GOW Judgment
  23. saidak answered: Bioshock Infinite
  24. 4evarmlk answered: battle toads
  25. jthamind answered: Crysis 3!!!!
  26. donjuandelanuce answered: GTA 5 and The Last of Us.
  27. jamesblogging said: Dead space 3, GTA 5, the last of us, sly cooper
  28. goodbye-badhello answered: gta v!!!!
  29. cothurnal answered: dead space 3, bioshock infinite, probably play crisis 3, god of war, army of two. Wishing for Fallout 4..
  30. secretsecretary answered: Watchdog and Day Z standalone… EEK! Lameface extreme.
  31. juicydistortion answered: GTA!
  32. susmob answered: bioshock infinite, gta
  33. thong-it answered: SONIC All-Stars Racing Transformed 2, by SEGA
  34. fromcali-withlove answered: devil may cry
  35. delahorney answered: Dead Space 3, GTA 5, Possibly the new Tomb Raider
  36. hanneshere replied:
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    Devil May cry even tho it came out today lol
  38. hanneshere answered: DEADPOOL!
  39. girls0fyourdreams answered: gta
  40. theankle said: Farming Simulator 2013
  41. eastofthebeast answered: GTA V
  42. starscre4m answered: gta V
  43. ownersguide answered: GlassPong3
  44. bloodonleavesandpaoputrees answered: Tekken x Street fighter……still >.<
  45. 110393 answered: sly cooper for ps3, FFFF YEAH
  46. cyan-eyes-aaron answered: Dead Space, Bioshock, tomb raider, Fuse, Cyberpunk 2077 (may not come out this year) And many more i’m sure. I’ve got about 6 reserved.
  47. mikesmith199 answered: GTA
  48. sir-baron-of-randomness answered: Grand theft auto 5, man!
  49. impenetrabiilis said: Gta 5