Give me some film oldies, classics or what have you. Can be from any decade I don’t mind.

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19th January 2013 @ 03:43pm

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  2. tumblrinonkushclouds answered: heat al pacino & robert de niro
  3. tetraplasm answered: Vertigo, The Big Lebowksi, Pulp Fiction, Rear Window, The Man Who Knew Too Much
  4. these-niggaz-are-real answered: Tombstone. if that counts as a classic?
  5. ifallinloveonehundredtimesaday answered: Adam’s Rib. Period. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn at their finest
  6. othman21 answered: pulp fiction
  7. reborn answered: The Crow
  8. coolapse answered: 'Bringing Up Baby'
  9. beerbongskittles answered: Caligula bro! 1979. Trust me
  10. anotherholiday answered: The Warriors (1979)
  11. monsterzebra answered: braindead.
  12. awkwardsexmonk3y answered: 12 angry men
  13. twomasks answered: Big Trouble in Little China
  14. d0peey answered: The Great Gatsby.
  15. thefilthybeard answered: cool hand luke
  16. jthamind answered: The Great Escape and The Hustler! two legendary movies!
  17. fitguyphil answered: Critters? Or, personal fave, Flight of the Navigator! “Compliance!”
  18. aestheticelements answered: Pulp Fiction.
  19. moderncreatures answered: "El ángel exterminador" by Luis Buñuel
  20. hashtag-too-spoopy answered: The breakfast club, its amazing
  21. unitedgoonsofamerica answered: Any of Mel Brooks’s movies.
  22. thatfatkidcalledsam answered: back to the future
  23. ansoldus answered: Pulp Fiction
  24. cumonladies answered: clockwork orange.. if 70’s is oldies. but my fav is Its a wonderful life (christmas movie though)
  25. o-otonashi answered: Hobo with a shotgun
  26. secretsecretary answered: Mr. Nobody and The Fall. My absolute favorite movies.
  27. nocallinghome answered: Goodfellas, Lucky Number Slevin, Snatch
  28. cottoncandymind answered: The Great Dictator
  29. uktrainspotter answered: Brief encounter. A classic if ever there was one
  30. excellenttalecomrade answered: Some of my classic favorites: Gone with the Wind, Rebel without a cause, sunset blvd., casablanca
  31. modifieds0uls answered: The Godfather
  32. brainsexo answered: the 7 year itch
  33. juhpan answered: star wars or mr nobody
  34. daysfullofsunshine answered: His Girl Friday
  35. sam528491 answered: its simple, just watch the twilight zone
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  37. 4postle answered: 12 Angry Men, great black and white flick
  38. lavish-hunter said: The Party (1968), good movie.
  39. mat-salleh answered: the breakfast club
  40. twonakedbody answered: 4trdutyujyik ugioucfti y8k
  41. mr-things-and-stuff answered: Blues Brothers, the original one that is
  42. this-is-the-best-part answered: Seven Samurai
  43. coreyfalls answered: Anything directed by Sergio Leone is brilliant if you like westerns.
  44. flightclvb answered: kids
  45. kushinese answered: Spirited Away