Does red wine help with blood circulation? Because I drank quite a fair bit of it last night with the fam and my feet were warm as fuck all night.

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28th January 2013 @ 10:51am

  1. solodeft said: Alcohol has the oposite effect according to mythbusters! some such sense about closing diameter of veins in the limbs and warming the greater mass (torso) for a short time.
  2. ragegirl7 said: It increases blood circulation. it is recommended by doctors to drink one glass of red wine every night.. Or is it every week..? either way. It’s healthy to drink red wine.
  3. thatbloodydragon said: Yes it does! :D
  4. bad-guy-diary said: your feet were warm cause you seem like a motherfuckin clean person who never took anything and a sip of wine made his\her feet warm
  5. highfives-and-stagedives said: Alcohol is a vasodilator, so yeah, it promotes circulation. It’s why some people get red cheeks when they drink.
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