Submissions Info Page


I will NOT be posting every submission I get, I will be posting what I like from them. Currently have 180K followers at your leisure.

16+ for anything non-nude
18+ for anything non-nude and/or anything nude.

When are subs posted:
Post 12am(GMT, BST)

What to submit:
Face pictures, boob pictures, bum pictures, body pictures, awesome hair pictures, ‘Win’ fan signs always appreciated, pretty much most female related things really. Gifs of previously stated are also equally welcome, I love gifs!

Fan signs will be like a bonus post basically.

If you’re going full nude please make sure to shadow, cover creatively or hide your nether regions please. Unless it’s a picture or gif specifically for my eyes only then they won’t be posted.

Tips on how to get posted:
-Use the best camera you have.
-Take the picture or gif in decent lighting
-Make sure your gif works by uploading it to your own blog using the private selection. Click your own posts and if it moves continuously then you can submit it.
-Make sure you’re the focus of the picture, not off in the distance or you’ve managed to half ass take a picture and you’re hardly in it.

I take both user and anon subs, it doesn’t really matter.
Tag the appropriate tags, not all or none of them please!

Happy submitting! :)